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Safe Bubbles

Across the globe, desire is building to open-up; get people back to work, play and living again.  

Yet, after more than six months, battling the Coronavirus pandemic; the options seem limited. The “new normal,” consists of handwashing, social distancing, lockdowns of varying severity, digitally mediated gatherings or “zooming,” and of course; hoping for a vaccine. But what about simply living? The human spirit? The need to be social? The feeling that we are never more alive than when we are interacting with one another?

So how do we improvise, adapt, and liberate? Bubbles!

Not soap bubbles of course. Think; ‘virtual bubbles’ that are formed with a combination of technology and attention to human care, human safety and human collaboration. It’s a concept around how we get people to come together; to move from one place to another without fear, uncertainty, potential contagion and a host of other constraints.

We call them 3P Safe Bubbles – a rethinking of people, places and products. With a combination of your smart phone, the collaboration of your favorite venues, and the selective avoidance of places and spaces that may not be safe, it is possible to navigate life again. Let’s be clear, this does not involve tracking or tracing or being forced to share your personal private information.

Think of 3P Safe Bubbles as a remedy for isolation, a way to create healthy environments; giving people (recently tested for C19): access, lanes of travel and interaction with other people (recently tested). Thus creating a safe environment that extends space while simultaneously providing a cure for ‘stir-crazy’. Increase the size and scope of the bubbles, and you increase the ability to interact safely with a multitude of others inside the safe zone.

What if there was a way for people to protect their privacy, sharing only what they choose, to enable the creation of such safe environments?

A recent Korn Ferry article proclaims: “The number one thing retailers need right now is a safe environment for employees and customers.” Now expand that thought. The number one thing People need right now is a safe environment for Everyone.

How 3P Safe Bubbles works: (1) People, (2) Places & (3) Products

For the (1) People element, we need a ‘key’ (some might call it an ID or passport) to the 3P Safe Bubble. Let’s use the term; ‘HealthID’. A real HealthID carried everywhere you take your smartphone. A HealthID confirming recent testing, via an authenticated process, backed by the most secure distributed ledger technology ever created (Blockchain). Let’s add that you can share this authentication with whomever you chose, in any situation, right here and now…OR NOT, (it’s your choice.) Does anybody have an App like that?

Yes, QMC HealthID™ has developed an app and platform that orchestrates testing, authenticates health status and records the process in state-of-the-art Blockchain.

What’s an example of a Safe Bubble for People? Picture an airport and an XpressCheck™ type program for pilots, employees and passengers. Enhance this picture to a full service COVID-19 screening and testing area. Add a HealthID, and you’ve created a Safe Bubble from the airport to everywhere (hotel, office, event), the passenger wants or needs to go. No more quarantines, no more testing at each stop, just liberating mobility and getting back to - work, play and living.

Why 3Ps? Testing alone is part of the solution for keeping the Bubbles virus-free. Tests measure at a particular moment in time. Employees, suppliers, customers can unknowingly carry the virus without symptoms. People can become infected post-test at any time. It’s why People (and testing) are only one component of the 3P Safe Bubble process.

For (2) Safe Bubbles aren’t just filled with people, they involve Places as well.

Places don’t need to just ‘be safe’, they also have to ‘feel safe’. Having People with authenticated Health ID is the ‘be safe’ part. For the ‘feel safe’, there is expertise from organizations like: JobSiteCheck; improving safety and compliance with check-in screening and management platforms. Their offerings create ‘peace-of-mind’ with seamless check-ins to jobsite, schools, etc. Their smartphone-based offering reduces the physical interaction between workers, customers and staff; helping keep everyone healthy and ‘feeling safe’.

A host of organizations, running the gamete from retailers (like Kroger), to restaurants (like the legendary Pub in Ireland: The Dropping Well), to schools (like Orange County Virtual) and everything in between; are engaging with their employees, students, suppliers, customers; to create healthy havens. Linking these healthy havens accelerates creation of Safe Bubbles and the movement towards being safe and feeling safe.

Products are the 3rd component of the 3Ps’ Safe Bubbles concept. People tend to dismiss offerings tied to current events. In this case however, products (everything from wearable tech to PPE to cleaning/ disinfection solutions) will have real impact. Especially when combined with processes such as HACCP . One example is Bridge Point Clean, leveraging ‘nano-encapsulation technology for sanitation and long- term bacteriostatic effectiveness’. Another example is Georgia-Pacific’s Hygiene Ready; a multifaceted online toolkit designed to help restaurants, retailers, arenas and event venues stay safer. Again, Products (wearable tech, PPE and cleaning/disinfecting solutions) are a pivotal component for safe bubbles.



The need is clear, the technologies are live, the tests and processes are available. ‘Safe Bubbles’ as a concept is evolving into a movement that joins the foundational approach of COVID-19 testing to an ecosystem of People, Places and Products. One that leverages Healthcare process and an authentication ID system, to open healthy havens and return people to work, play and living.

The movement starts with People and our desire (really the need) to interact, be social, and help each other. With each person doing their part (awareness, testing & HealthID) to build, expand and enjoy Safe Bubbles.

About the Author

Michael Glavich leads Business Development for QMC HealthID™Incorporated, a subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp; created to leverage, adapt and augment QMC technologies to address global health and wellness opportunities. QMC HealthID™focuses on authentication of people, products and places and; recognizing the information privacy rights of individuals.


QMC is working on the initiatives reflected in this article, but nothing in this article may be construed as an obligation or commitment by QMC to pursue a course of business or to develop or release any functionality mentioned herein. Information presented regarding (i) QMC’s strategy and possible future development and products, (ii) strategic uses of the QDX™ Platform, and (iii) the QDX™ Platform’s functionality is subject to change without notice. The information in this article is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any particular product feature or functionality. This article is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. This article is for informational purposes and may or may not be incorporated into a contract.

Michael Glavich 
VP, Business Development


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Michael Glavich

Michael Glavich leads Business Development for QMC HealthID™ Incorporated, a subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp; created to leverage, adapt and augment QMC technologies to address global health and wellness opportunities. QMC HealthID™ focuses on authentication of people, products and places and; recognizing the information privacy rights of individuals.